Ente Kannil Ninakkai (Bangalore Days) Piano Notes

Song : Ente Kannil Ninakkai
Movie : Bangalore Days (2014)
Singer : Nazriya Nazim, Gopi Sunder
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Ente kannil ninakkayi orukiya swapnangal
D+D+D+D+D+D+C+C+C+ BbBbBbABb
Kanenda nee kandu nilkenda nee
D+D+D+D+C+C+ C+C+C+BbBbC+C+
Aaranu nee enikkinnaarodum
Chollenda nee kadha parayenda nee
D+D+D+D+F+D#+ D+C+BbBbBbBbC+
Thammil thammil moolum paatukelkenda nee
D+D+C+ D+D+C+ BbBbGBbBbC+
Koode paadenda nee koode aadenda nee
BbC+D+C+BbBbC+ D+C+D+C+BbBbC+

Chumma chummathen pirake nadakkan
D+D+C+D+D+C+C+ BbBb BbBbC+
Anuvadham moolenda nee
Thirike nokkenda nee
Kannil kannil nokathenne kaanunnuvo
D#+D#+C#+ D#+D+#C#+ C#+D#+E+D#+C#+C#+D#+
Enthengilum mindamo nee

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  • February 18, 2018 at 12:14 am

    I am Suhana.I love music and I love to play piano.

  • February 18, 2018 at 12:17 am

    I am Suhana.I love music and I love to play piano. This song helped me a lot……


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