Heer Badnaam (Zero) Piano Notes

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Song : Heer Badnaam
Movie : Zero (2018)
Singer : Romy
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O Ranjhe tera ishq hai farzi
D+D+D+D+D+ D+D+D+C+D+D#+
Ki vekhi teri main taa khudgarzi
D+D+D+D+D+ D+D+D+C+D+D#+
Tu har din Heer badalda ae
D+D+D+D+D+ D+D+D+C+D+D#+
Teri bewafaai wali daru mainu chadh gayi (x2)
D+D+D+D+ D+D+D+D+ D+D+D+D+C+D+D#+

O Ranjhe jaake das de tu Rabb nu
F+F+F+F+F+ F+F+F+F+ F+F+F+
Ki main taan aaj thug lena sab nu
F+F+F+F+F+ F+F+F+F+ F+F+F+
Ki hega ilzaam tere te, sun le tu aake
F+F+F+ F+F+F+F+ F+G+G+F+ F+D#+D#+D+D+

Heer badnaam karti, naam karti
D+D+D+ D+C+C+D+D#+, D+C+C+D+D#+
Tu jhuthiyan mohabbatan paake (x3)
D#+D#+D#+ D#+D+F+D#+D#+D+ D+D+

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