FAQ Piano Daddy

There are many questions in our visitors mind. So we decide to make a FAQ section, where we clear most common questions which are asked frequently on Piano Daddy.

Question : What is Piano Daddy?
Answer : Piano Daddy is an online Platform which was found in year 2010 for music education. We provide Indian Piano Notations in many languages like Hindi, English, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Bhojpuri, Odia, Bengali, Assamese etc.

Question : How much time it takes to learn Piano Or Harmonium?
Answer : It depends up to you. Our theory make it very easy to understand. Just read it and learn it and BINGO, you are ready to play your instrument.

Question : What products available on Piano Daddy?
Answer : Below are the products available on Piano Daddy :
A) Western (CDEFGAB)
B) Classical (Sa Re Ga Ma)
C) Staff Sheets
D) Video Lessons
E) Chords (Guitar / Piano)
A) Package I : Lead
B) Package II : Prelude, Interlude, Lead
C) Package III : Prelude, Interlude, Lead, Chords
D) Package IV : Video

Question : What Format’s Notations Available On Piano Daddy?
Answer : There are 2 types of formats available here on Piano Daddy.
A) Western (CDEFGAB)
B) Classical (Sa Re Ga Ma)

Question : Why Piano Daddy is not FREE?
Answer : Many users ask us why we are not giving notes for free? So the answer is simple, this is our work, we give our time and efforts to this profession. We also have electricity bills, Internet charges, Server charges, Maintenance charges, Designing charges. In short we charge for perfection and quality. It’s a manual process and need time to create quality notes.

Question : How many songs available in your collection?
Answer : We have over 3000 Songs on Piano Daddy and Over 1200 Songs on Sargam Book.

Question : I need daily updates of new and popular collection of songs?
Answer : You can subscribe our Newsletter by visiting any of our website and just put your email id. You can also get updates on Whatsapp. Just write your name and send us on +91-88710-51523.

Question : What are the payment method used on Piano Daddy?
Answer : For India, PayTM, NEFT, IMPS, Debit / Credit Card.
For Other Countries : Paypal, Western Union.

Question : What if i ordered wrong format?
Answer : We suggest you to take time when you choose format. If you are a keyboard player you can select Western format and if you are Classical / Harmonium player you can go for Sargam notes. Notes format can not be change once you order it.

Question : What if i don’t like notes? Will i get refund my money?
Answer : We have already given over 3000+ songs notes as demo. Fist you should try demo notes on our platform, if that works for you, you may order songs of your choise. No refund will be given once order processed.

Question : Do we have call support on Piano Daddy?
Answer : As we have over 2500 students on our Whatsapp list, we are not able to give response to every caller. So call support is not available but you can ask your questions related with Piano Daddy on our Whatsapp number.

Question : What are the advertise opportunities on Piano Daddy?
Answer : We have good amount of traffic on our websites on daily basis. If you want to promote your products, you can simply write us on : support@pianodaddy.com Advertisement platforms will be :
A) Whatsapp
B) Websites
C) YouTube Videos
D) Mailers
E) Facebook and Twitter

Question : What other services provided by us?
Answer : As a part of IT Industry from last 10 years, we also provide different IT Services :
A) Website Development
B) Hosting Services
C) Voice-over
D) Video Editing
E) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
F) Content Development
G) Social Media Development (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Whatsapp)
H) IT Consultant & Strategist

For any query related with your business, reach us on support@pianodaddy.com. We will happy to assist you.

Question : Our more platforms?
Answer : A) www.pianodaddy.com
B) www.sargambook.com
C) www.pianomint.com
D) –
E) https://notes.pianodaddy.com
F) www.whatsappgang.com
G) www.mastigroup.com