Major Scales In Music

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So let’s talk about Scale. There are so many questions students ask when they are learning Piano / Keyboard / Harmonium or any other instruments. Whenever you listen songs, they are organized in a Bunch Of Notes by which one can easily find out the actual Scale which is used in that particular song. What is Scale in Music? A definition is given on internet is, In music theory, a scale is any set of musical notes ordered by fundamental frequency or pitch. A scale ordered by increasing pitch is an ascending scale, and a scale ordered by decreasing pitch is a descending scale.

In this article we explore 12 Major Scales (C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, Bb, B) which are the most Important and Basic of Music. Below are the diagram of all 12 Major Scales and Notes can be identified which are highlighted by blue color in below images.

C Major Scale Piano

C# Major Scale Piano

D Major Scale Piano

D# Major Scale Piano

E Major Scale Piano

F Major Scale Piano

F# Major Scale Piano

G Major Scale Piano

G# Major Scale Piano

A Major Scale

Bb Major Scale Piano

B Major Scale Piano

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