I Need You Piano Notes Jelly Roll

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I Need You Piano Notes Jelly Roll Available On Piano Daddy. I Need You Easy Piano Notes For Beginners. I Need You Easy Letters Notes For Beginners. 2020 Notes.

Song : I Need You
Singer : Jelly Roll
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Father forgive me
For I know I have sinned

Close my eyes and I pray
Cause I feel the sky is falling on me
ABbC#+BbBb C#+BbBbBbC+
The sky is falling on me
ABbC#+BbBb C#+BbBbC+

And the wall is caving in and
ABbC#+BbBb C#+Bb
I feel like I just cannot breath
C#+BbBb C#+BbBbC+
Like I just cannot breath

And I feel like
Aand I feel like
I may lose my mind
This is real life, real life
ABbD#+C#+, ABbD#+C#+
Can anyone hear my cries, cries

Will you forgive me?
Will you forgive me?
I can’t shake this depression and
I am always stressing
And nobody feels me

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