Jumpin On A Jet (Future) Piano Notes

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Jumpin On A Jet (Future) Piano Notes Available Now On Piano Daddy. Easy Piano Notes For Jumpin On A Jet By Future. Best Piano Notes For Beginners For Jumpin On A Jet By Future. Jumpin On A Jet By Future Was Launched On Jan 9, 2019 On Future’s Official YouTube Channel.

Song : Jumpin On A Jet
Singer : Future
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Y eh hoe, Jumpin on and off the jet
Y eh hoe, Jumpin on and off the jet
Y eh hoe, Jumpin on and off the jet
Y eh hoe, Jumpin on and off the jet….

We say it’s up, Then it’s up
D+D+D+E+, D+D+D+E+
Perfect timing
Throw the diamond in my cup
D+D+E+E+, D+D+E+

Solitaires on my ankle
D+D+E+E+, D+D+E+E+
I’m way up
See, you trolling
And that shit not weighing up
D+D+E+E+, D+D+E+

Lamb o truck, and I’m flexing
D+D+E+, D+D+E+
Prince’s cup
On the G4, Fend i my clothes
Top of the globe

Put the carats in my nose
Never did fold, and I won’t sell my soul

Platinum rose gold
Phillipe my hoes
Tricking it oh-oh-off
Fucking on a star
Might get your car

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