Best Studio Recording Microphone’s Under 10,000 INR

If you are a good singer and you always try to record your voice. You need a good Microphone to record your voice professionally. So in today’s deal section, we are going to cover Best Studio Recording Microphone’s Under 10,000 INR.

Let’s check out the product reviews :

1. Samson C01 Large Diaphragm (Click Here To Purchase)
Samson C01 Large Diaphragm
Cost: 4,811 INR
EMI: Available
Description: * Cardioid Pickup Pattern
* Large 19mm Diaphragm
* Heavy Gauge Mesh Grill
* Gold Plated XLR Connector
* LED Indicates 48V Phantom Power

2. Samson C03U Multi-Pattern (Click Here To Purchase)
Samson C03U Multi-Pattern
Cost: 8,065 INR
EMI: Available
Description: * Plugs in directly to any computer with a USB interface
* Switchable Cardioid, Omni, and Figure-8 Pickup Patterns
* High Quality A/D Converter with 16-Bit, 48kHz Sampling Rate
* Dual Large 19mm Diaphragm Elements
* Switchable High-Pass Filter and 10 dB Pad

3. M-Audio Nova Microphone (Click Here To Purchase)
M-Audio Nova Microphone
Cost: 6,895 INR
EMI: Available
Description: * Affordable large capsule cardioid condenser
* 1-1/10″ evaporated gold diaphragm
* Solid brass capsule
* Class A solid state electronics
* Includes hardmount and soft case

4. Audio-Technica ATR2500 (Click Here To Purchase)
Audio-Technica ATR2500
Cost: 8,890 INR
EMI: Available
Description: * Side-address condenser microphone with USB output
* Ideal for podcasting, home studio recording, field recording, and voiceover use
* Built-in headphone jack allows you to directly monitor your microphone output without audible delay
* Adjust headphone volume with easy-to-use controls on the front of the microphone
* High-quality AD convertor with 16 bit, 44.1/48 kHz sampling rate

5. MXL 2006 Condenser Microphone (Click Here To Purchase)

Cost: 9,299 INR
EMI: Available
Description: * Class-A circuitry
* 32mm condenser capsule
* Gold-sputtered, 6 micron, low distortion diaphragm
* FET pre-amp with balanced transformerless output
* Supplied with MXL 57 high isolation shock mount


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